Apadana Faramin Tejarat manufacturing and trading company with the brand name “Faramin” started its activity in 2004 with the import of office furniture, and later on established a factory in 2010 with the aim of creating employment using domestic talents and according to the growing needs of society, with the approach of development and progress.

Now, Faramin is operating with the employment of experienced personnel and specialized forces, is equipped with the most advanced technology, and uses the latest machines in a production area of ​​15,000 square meters located in Safadasht Industrial Town.

Faramin Company is also the first manufacturer of flat office furniture that offers its products in the disassembled format in a completely standard package to more than 50 branches across the country and overseas markets.

Faramin Company, through relying on precision manufacturing techniques and industrial automation and in order to respect consumer rights, offers its products to customers with a 24-month warranty and 36-month after-sales services.

We hope to take bigger steps towards the prosperity and entrepreneurship of the country with the help of our excellent consultants and respected customers.


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