There are different types of office desks, including management desks, conference desks, group work desks, expert desks, staff desks and various types of counters. An important feature of desks is that they make daily activities easier. Office desk is one of the most widely used office items in companies and private and public institutions. In other words, a workspace needs to be equipped with a desk more than anything else.

Unlike in the past, today the office desks go beyond the old and simple classic designs and are offered to customers in a completely modern way with new designs and very stylish and various colors.

Modern office desks

We have all been familiar with different types of office desks over the years. But the passage of time, design improvements and new customer demands, population growth and ultimately smaller workspaces have led to the construction of modern desks, even with the ability to adjust their height. Desks that are produced and offered as a modern office desk with multiple capabilities.

Changing the attitude of organizations towards the work environment and space decoration has led to the creation of new styles and models in the modern office desks. The use of new types of raw materials such as metal or compressed plastics instead of wood has been one of the major changes in the industry.

How to buy an office desk

The first and most important point that can be considered in how to buy an office desk in Iran is the amount of budget you have considered. If you plan to buy modern and high-quality models, then it will cost you a lot. Considering the needs at the time of purchase is also very important. Is a small desk that can hold just the size of a computer system enough for your employees, or should more space be provided to them?

The style you choose should also be related to your field of work. Some managers are very interested in modern styles and prefer to equip their office with modern office furniture, but others prefer classic styles. These models are basically heavy and have dark colors. The way of buying an office desk is very effective in choosing better office items. The right choice also increases the work efficiency of the staff. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the functionality of the office desk, because it will have a different function for all the people who use it during the day.

Choosing the best office desk for the workplace

Choosing the best office desk for the workplace has some considerations. Quality, space and size, beauty andd materials are some of the things that can be mentioned. Selected materials such as glass, steel, MDF, as well as paint can be very useful in creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for daily activities.

If you are looking to buy the right desk, try to remember the space you want when choosing. The size of the office desk in your room is very important, a desk that fills the entire perimeter of your room and leaves no room for other items cannot be a good choice. The type of desk is also very important, try to choose your desk based on the type of application.

If you want to use heavy items on the desk, try to buy stronger ones. Sometimes some people use luxury and light office desks to place decorative items. On the other hand, it can be said that choosing the best office desk for the workplace can be different according to people’s tastes. The sale of office desks in Iran by reputable manufacturing factories such as Faramin has provided a wide range of choices for customers that can provide a good solution for the best purchase.

Types of office desks

Office desks include different types, which have a wide range depending on the application, type of design and dimensions. Office desks, from models with a classic design style to minimal models can be made and offered in Faramin Company. The function of each of the desks separates them. Including management desks, counter desks, staff desks, desks that are used only for writing, and… that can be changed in standard dimensions depending on the size of the space and the needs of customers. Each style can give a special effect to your office with its unique color and design. Therefore, choosing the best model that suits your activity and needs will require proper evaluation of appearance and performance.

Management desks

The management desk is a type of office desk that is an important component of the office environment. So that all the daily activities of managers are done on it and without their help, things will not be done easily. The application of this type of desk makes them different from other types. Since managers will need a wider level of writing in addition to the space to place the laptop. Of course, comfort and standard dimensions are other features that have changed the construction and design of these beautiful desks. In designing the management desks of the company, first of all, ergonomic principles are of importance to maintain the health of managers along, with eye-catching beauty. The presence of hidden storages and drawers in different types of these desks allows users to place important documents.

Expert desks

In a modern office environment, expert desks are one of the most practical and useful office products. Because in addition to creating a suitable space for computers and office items, they provide enough space for embedding documents and folders. Faramin’s desks, along with their special beauty, with uniquely-designed drawer, have been successful in meeting the needs of employees. Useful efficiency, along with providing enough space for people to sit and place their legs, has caused customers to pay more attention to this type of desks and as a result, different types of them in standard dimensions have been produced. Faramin Company is always trying to take big steps by designing and producing all kinds of office products that you need in a professional environment for better performance.

Staff desks

Suitable staff desks, apart from office chairs, are important components of office furniture that are worth considering for long-term investments. As we know, labor force is one of the most important assets of a group. Employees spend the best days of their lives in the office environment, which deprives them of the necessary productivity if the office desk is not comfortable due to physical problems, so the level of job satisfaction in the office environment drops sharply. Therefore, to get better results from your business, look for durable products to protect your capital. With the production of staff desks in standard dimensions in accordance with the tastes and needs of employees in various business areas, Faramin Company has been able to design extremely quality desks with appropriate professional function. These desks can be placed in any space by providing a suitable space for a computer with standard dimensions.

Group work desks

Due to the fact that in each part of the office space, a special activity is taking place, the existence of various types of furniture and office desks is essential. Group work desks, with their different functions, can improve the performance of staff more than before. These desks, by configuring and redistributing the space, in addition to protecting the privacy of each employee by maintaining the necessary distance between them, by creating an independent space, facilitates daily tasks in a group space. The group desks of Faramin Company, which can be ordered and supplied in standard sizes and dimensions, easily provide the necessary space for each user to place their computer, documents and folders, and finally, with their help, group work can be done easily.

Conference table

In recent years, the evolution of conference table design with the integration of new technologies has been very significant. Today, conference tables have doubled the power of user management by providing flexible access to PCs in conferences or private meetings with integrated connectivity. This feature helps users easily see each other and, in general, increase their focus on the relevant topic. Faramin desks are not far from these features and by presenting in oval and rectangular designs, they provide an ideal cooperation for people. Faramin desks help you make the most of team interaction and improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

The methods of buying an office desk in Iran are as follows:

Contact the relevant experts and complete your purchase after receiving a free consultation.

Or make your purchase through the following steps:

1- To see office desks, click on the products menu and then the office desk option and select the type of desk handle.

2 – Then select the desired table to open the page of information and photos related to it. This way you can get detailed information about your desired product.

3- On the other hand, you can also view the complete products catalog in PDF format through the Faramin menu and then select Download Catalog.

4- After selecting the required product or products, you can complete your purchase by calling the experts, sending a WhatsApp message or filling out the contact form and sending the necessary information in the relevant section of the site.

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