Office furniture in Iran is a combination of all equipment and supplies that are used to equip an office or semi-office space, which includes desks, furniture, file drawers, counters, libraries, credenzas, consoles and partitions. The purpose of using office furniture is to shape and feel the office space and at the same time make optimal use of the space. There is always a limited space for a set of products or services that should be used in the best way. Many things must be considered, including the comfort of the staff, the least space occupied, people’s peace of mind, the combination of colors and …

Tips on choosing office furniture

It can be said that one of the most important points in choosing and buying office furniture in Iran is its quality. Keep in mind that office furniture is going to be used for years and its durability is one of the most important things.

Office furniture is a tool, and the more comfortable they are and designed according to the ergonomic principles of the body, they provide more comfort for your people, which itself plays an important role in increasing work efficiency, and also remove physical discomfort and fatigue during working hours. The most important thing to pay attention to is the comfort created for long-term use. In this case, it puts the least pressure on people’s bodies and will have a significant effect on the pressure on people’s spines.

Features of office furniture

One of the important features that should be considered in choosing office furniture is its efficiency. Due to the reduction of space allocated for employees in some companies and also the increase in the use of new and fresh decor, the choice of office furniture with the need to limit the amount of space is important, so keep in mind to make the best choice based on the needs of the company, the number of employees and office space.

Types of office furniture

At a second glance, office furniture can be divided into other things besides modern and classic. Today, modern office furniture are widely used in designing corporate spaces due to their up-to-date design and the use of new raw materials. In this furniture, in addition to using old raw materials such as metal and wood, other new materials such as glass, fiberglass and plastic are used. In addition, modern office furniture have better conditions in terms of structure, efficiency, strength, facilities, and compatibility with the human body than other furniture.

Office furniture coloring

In general, bright colors are used in modern spaces today. Of course, not for the purpose of illuminating the whole space, but colors are chosen based on the principles of psychology and the choice of classic or modern furniture. For example, dark colors are used for classic furniture and light and energetic colors are used for modern furniture. One of the advantages of using modern colors is creating more energy and mobility in the workspace. Using the appropriate colors of the space creates morale and strengthens the potential of employees, which will increase work efficiency and rapid progress for the company.

Purchase guide for Office furniture

We first look for reputable companies for our purchase, because companies selling office furniture in Iran in all stages of design and construction are looking for direct suggestions and opinions of their customers. In addition, the guarantee and warranty of their products and services are another strong reason for choosing these companies. Your choice has a huge impact on the beauty, comfort and productivity of your staff. In general, you should first consider your budget and time for you purchase.

Then, consult with interior decoration experts about your desired space. After that, you can comment on the proposed styles such as classic, modern office furniture or luxury office furniture, and methods of buying them in Iran from the staff so that you can have the best choice for the company.

Classic or modern office furniture

The choice between classic or modern office furniture is a question that has always been asked, for which the same answer cannot be found. Suggestions from designers for this question may vary depending on the type of job and its function, but a combination of both can be suggested in most cases. If you are in a business with a classic visitor style, classic styles will surely be more suitable for you. For jobs such as a digital workspace, you certainly need a modern style of furniture. However, for jobs such as real estate, mixed styles are needed to satisfy all employers’ tastes.

Choosing classic or modern office furniture with the taste of the employees

The point is that if we want to target the employees of the company, the young people are now more interested in choosing modern office furniture models, and also due to the less space that this style takes, the possibility of optimizing the layout and optimal use of space is possible. In the past, most of the employees’ activities were to use documents and files, but today they do all their work through software and systems.

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