1. What is the difference between MDF and Chipboard?

MDF is a widely used term in the wood industry and is used in the manufacturing of many wooden products such as furniture, bed side sets, different kinds of tables, shelves, and wooden decorations, etc. But one of the questions that come to everyone’s mind when buying wooden products is whether the raw materials used in that product are made of MDF or chipboard.

What is MDF?

To produce MDF, a mixture of wood fibers (dust and small and soft pieces of wood), resin, and wax is used after pressing and heating them to create board forms with different densities.

*** The cost of producing MDF is higher than chipboard, but it has a lot of resistance in comparison.

What is chipboard?

Chipboard is made of crushed wood chips, sawdust, and glue under heat and pressure.

This product is compressed several times to combine wood chips and glue well.

*** Lighter weight and lower cost are the advantages of chipboard over MDF.

The only way to tell the difference between MDF and chipboard is to look at the cut pieces of the sheet so that you can see its core. The one using large pieces of wood is chipboard and the one using tiny pieces is MDF.

chipboard                                                                                                     MDF

  1. What is a Melamine Veneer?

Melamine veneer is one of the most common coatings used to cover MDF and chipboard surfaces. These coatings are made of decorative paper mixed with melamine-formaldehyde adhesive and are glued to wooden boards without the need for any re-adhesive.

This coating not only has high strength but also is considered a decorative layer. The unique capabilities of melamine veneer against various factors have made it suitable for making furniture, partitions, and wall sconces, so on. (MDF or chipboard) (Melamine coating)

  1. What is PVC tape?

Edge tape or PVC is a very important material in the manufacturing quality of MDF products. MDF sheets have a coating on both sides, which the manufacturers cut into different dimensions based on the desired product, in which case the core part or the raw part of the piece is found, which is used to strengthen the edges. Edge tape (PVC) is used to prevent impact and moisture penetration.

High-quality special adhesives are used to connect the edge tape (PVC) to the MDF, which would separate due to heat or impact if the quality of the adhesive is not good.

  1. What is the difference between elite screws (mini fix) and automatic screws?

There are many ways in the industry to connect two MDFs. One of the connections that can be opened and closed many times is the elite screw connection or mini-fix.

Advantages of Elite screws (mini-fix) over automatic screws:

  • Because this connection is drilled from the inside, the screws are not visible from the outside and it gives a more beautiful appearance to the product.
  • All drilling steps are done by automatic machine according to the guideline, which increases the drilling accuracy drastically.
  • Repeating assembly and disassembly does not change the overall appearance of the product. In other words, over time, the quality of parts will not deteriorate or loosen, and it also has the ability to move and re-install.
  1. Is there an installation guide for how to install Faramin products?

Faramin Office Furniture Company has prepared an educational package that includes the following items and provides them to customers for an easy and convenient installation of products:

1- For all products, the installation instructions have been prepared as a PDF file, which is available in full detail.

2- Installation video of complete installation of new products

3- Short training videos for installing and regulating all fittings

4- Phone consultation with Faramin’s install experts from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


  1. What should I do to install disassembled products (cartons) purchased from Faramin company?

All Faramin products are delivered to the customer in disassembled and carton packaging for easy transportation and prevention of damage to the parts.

Complete assembly of products, depending on the size and number of parts of the product, takes about 1 to 4 hours.

To install them, an installation guide and an instructional video have been prepared, which will be provided to the customer, and you can also contact the ordering agencies in your city and request installation, which the company’s installers will be on-site within 1 to 3 days. Company experts will be there and install and deliver the product to you.

7- Is it possible to customize the dimensions of conference tables?

If the dimensions of the hall are standard and the number of people is usually up to 24, the standard tables of the company can be ordered.

They are also designed for larger meeting rooms and conference tables at the customer’s request and customized according to the dimensions of the hall and the number of people and are produced and delivered after the customer’s approval.

8- What are the standard dimensions of Faramin’s conference tables?

Conference tables are produced in the following standard sizes according to the number of people and the dimensions of the room:

  • 6-person conference table – Length: 180 cm Width: 100 or 90 cm
  • 8-person conference table – Length: 220 cm Width: 110 or 100 cm
  • 10-person conference table – Length: 280 cm Width: 140 cm
  • 14-person conference table – Length: 420 cm Width: 140 cm

Also, for larger meeting rooms and conference tables, they are custom designed at the customer’s request according to the dimensions of the hall and the number of people, and are produced and delivered after the customer’s approval.

  1. How can one receive Faramin’s representatives’ addresses?

To access the representatives’ addresses visit the “representatives” section on Faramin’s website (www.Faramin.com) or by contacting the Faramin sales unit at 02186046395-7.

10- How can one receive services or use the warranty of Faramin products?

To use the warranty of Faramin products, you can call the after-sales service unit at 02186046398-9 or by referring to the Faramin representative, where you have purchased the product.

 (You must also have a purchase invoice and a sealed warranty booklet with you)

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