You can use Faramin products’ warranty in case of the following conditions.

1- The warranty only covers products that have been assembled by the company’s installer and have a stamped warranty card.

2- In case of need for services, the warranty sheet must be provided along with the sales invoice.

3- Each product has a particular use, so do not utilize the products for other purposes.

4- After installation, the product should be examined in any way, and in case of breakage, scratches, cut edges, wear, or lack of proper adjustment of the hinges, the relevant installer should be notified to take action in order to eradicate the problem.

5 – Avoid direct exposure of the product to sunlight and heating systems (such as radiators, heaters, and fireplaces), as well as water and moisture and humidifiers.

6- Do not clean or pour any acidic dyes or chemical solvents on the product. (Use wet wipes or common glass cleaners)

7- Do not place your foot on the table, stand on the products, or press vertically on the drawers and doors (opened or closed).

8- Do not drag the product installed on the ground in order to move it. In case of relocation, request the company to send an expert installer to the place. (The customer should pay all associated costs)

9- Avoid dragging sharp and rough objects on the product surfaces.

  1. Avoid placing and hanging heavy objects or leaning them on products, which may cause imbalance and fall.

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